Software Engineer Business Applications

Location: Wommelgem, Antwerp (Belgium)

To support its internal business processes, OM Partners has chosen to develop its own applications and use standard off-the-shelve applications. The applications that were developed by OM Partners are based on, and are extensions of, the standard solutions developed by the company. To further professionalize these activities, a team has been put in place to manage, support and further develop these internal applications. To further strengthen the team responsible for the business applications, OM Partners is looking for additional team members. Will you join us as a junior or senior Software Engineer Business Applications?



As part of the Business Applications team, you will initially be involved in the implementation of new features and the error corrections in the existing applications. After you have gained some more experience in the development environment in general and the specific business applications, you will also be involved in the analysis, design and implementation of new functionalities, and even in conceptualizing new applications. To achieve this task, you will work closely together with the internal stakeholders for the specific applications to work out the optimal solution. In addition, as part of this business applications team, the colleagues of other departments using these applications will turn to you for training and support.

 You will be responsible for some of our internal business applications. These applications support different activities in a variety of teams. Examples:

  • Finance & Administration: Sales forecast and sales order application; including sales reporting.
  • Training & Documentation: Administration and planning of both internal and external courses; including processing of feedback from teachers and participants.    
  • Recruitment: Processing of incoming resumes; feedback of reviewers; monitoring actions, events and budget.
  • Sales & Marketing: Administration and planning of shows & seminars; monitoring sales budget.
  • Software Development: Planning and follow-up of software development tasks and resources according to the scrum methodology.
  • Project Management: Resource planning for both internal and external projects; time logging application to measure time of consultants spent on different projects.

Regarding the use of third-party applications, in this aspect of the position, you will represent OM Partners in meetings and discussions with the external partners. These technical discussions are mostly regarding interfacing between our internal applications and data storage and the third-party application.

The internal applications are database-centric and are mostly developed in our own programming language. Today our applications are mostly based on Oracle and SQL server technology.

Besides the internal applications, there is also the opportunity to support some of our third-party applications (, Omnitracker…) and to develop web tools (reporting…).



  • You have at least a Bachelor degree, or similar by experience.
  • Programming skills and a good understanding of object orientation are required.
  • Experience with database technology in general and SQL specifically is a definite advantage.
  • Knowledge of web development (HTML, JavaScript…) is a plus.    
  • Preferably you have already had your first professional experience in software product development.
  • You have an analytical mindset and an eye for detail without losing sight of the bigger picture.
  • You communicate fluently in at least English, and other languages are a plus.
  • You work autonomously and punctually within the scope of a development team.


About OM Partners

OM Partners is an international software and consulting company that delivers Supply Chain Planning Solutions. Since its creation in 1985, OM Partners has enjoyed steady growth and has now become one of the top players in the supply chain planning market.

Our customers include many of the largest companies in the world. The industries served are Mill Products (corrugated and solid board, paper, metals, plastic, textiles, glass...) and Semi-Process industries (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, consumer products...). More than 300 colleagues work from our offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK, the USA and China.

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